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NERFUND - National Economic Reconstruction Fund


The National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND) was set up to provide needed medium – to long-term financing to viable Small and Medium scale production enterprises. The grand objectives are to increase the quantum of goods and services available for local consumption and export, provide needed employment, expand our production base and add value to the economy. 

In the words of our President, Commander-in-Chief “the NERFUND is not another cake-sharing exercise. It is designed to aid in the cake-baking process, and as such, fund disbursements by the NERFUND will be based on competitive efficiency”. Since there is more demand for the NERFUND loans than the resources currently available can satisfy, only the most viable projects may benefit from the programme. Your challenge is to put together one of the most viable projects to benefit from the NERFUND programme.

The NERFUND has been very successful in reorientating the nation towards a production culture from the old trading culture. So far, the NERFUND has approved loans for one thousand four hundred and ninety seven projects, valued at over five billion naira (N5b) Read more here!





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The Federal Government has approved the appointment of Dr. Ezekiel Oseni as the Acting Managing Director of the National Economic Reconstruction Fund.
The approval was announced in a statement on Wednesday signed by the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Click to read more



 How to Obtain NERFUND Funds


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      Central Bank of Nigeria

      Bank of Industry

      Bank of Agriculture

      Nigerian Export Import Bank

      National Board for Technology Incubation

      Nigeria Bureau of Statistics

      Federal Inland Revenue Service

      Securities and Exchange Commission








All Nigerians are qualified to apply for NERFUND loans either as individuals, Associations, Cooperatives or Corporate Entities/partner institutions. The NERFUND facility is an easy click ... Click here to know more


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