Development Orientation
Upon the assumption of duties, October 11, 2013, the new leadership undertook to usher in a new work ethic that is characterized by a culture of professionalism, integrity, transparency and quality service. The main tenets of this new value orientation are as follows:

Continued improvement in people and process;


Leveraging on technology for improved process and quality service delivery;


Developing a transparent system for credit appraisal, processing, disbursement and monitoring;


Ensure adequate risk management control mechanism are in place to provide oversight on the activities of the Fund; and,


Provide medium to long term financing to indigenous micro, small and medium scale enterprises





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         Central Bank of Nigeria

      SME Development Agency

      Bank of Industry

      Bank of Agriculture

      Nigerian Export Import Bank

      National Board for Technology Incubation

      Nigeria Bureau of Statistics

      Federal Inland Revenue Service

      Securities and Exchange Commission

     Federal Ministry of Finance









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