• Formal Letter of Application

  • Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation

  • Photocopies of the Certified True Copy of Forms C02 and C07

  • A photocopy of the Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.

  • Feasibility Study Report. Click here to view details

  • Photocopy of Title documents to project site (Statutory Certificate of Occupancy)

  • Photocopy of Title Documents to the Collateral Security (This must be a landed property in an urban center). Please note that only Statutory Certificate of Occupancy is acceptable. Also note that we require a Fixed Asset Coverage of 2.5

  • Approved Site Plan.

  • Approved Building Plan (If new building is required)

  • Bill of Quantities or Contractor’s Estimate of Cost to be incurred on Factory Building (if available).

  • Valuation Report on Factory Building(s) for expansion projects and evidence of availability of landed property in an urban area that can be offered as collateral security.

  • Quotations for items of plant and machinery (at least 3 quotations from different sources).

  • At least two (2) quotations for items of raw material and letters of intent to supply. \
  • Three (3) years most recent Audited Accounts of the company (for existing company).
  • Organizational Structure and Management of the company.
  • Declaration of total outstanding liabilities of the company.
  • Statement of Account for the past six months from the company’s bankers
  • Three (3) years most recent Tax Clearance Certificate for the Company and two (2) Directors.
  • Eight recent Passport photographs of each of the two Directors and the Company Secretary.
  • Completed copy of NERFUND Biodata for main promoters and the company (copy attached).








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