NERFUND’s emphasis is on prudent project selection and management; accordingly, it supports quality projects with potential developmental impact. NERFUND therefore, considers industries that meet the following criteria:

  • Capacity to substantially add to industrial output.

  • Projects that use largely domestic raw materials.

  • Industry in which Nigeria’s comparative advantages could be converted to competitive ones.

  • Ability to promote the expansion of exports through the production of high quality products that are attractive to domestic and export markets.

  • Niche projects that produce for worldwide consumption.

  • Projects that create both forward and backwards linkages, with the rest of the domestic or regional economy.

  • Ventures that promote inter-state or regional integration.



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All Nigerians are qualified to apply for NERFUND loans either as individuals, Associations, Cooperatives or Corporate Entities/partner institutions. The NERFUND facility is an easy click ... Click here to know more


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Copyright ©2015 NERFUND. All Rights Reserved!

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